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In 1920s Spain, a young man was amazed by sewing machines with round open arms used by his family in workshops - years later, his idea would become a modern classic


When it's not a case, it's a sewing surface, and it weighs less than 15 pounds - a truly portable machine for a turbulent time


The first home sewing machine with a tubular feeder and bobbin driver so material can be wrapped around the movement, instead of just resting atop it - making darning and mending hard-to-reach places a snap

ELNA transformed households and closets from Geneva, Switzerland to Geneva, Nebraska and beyond - a high watermark of mid-century modern industrial design. Learn the remarkable and unlikely story of ELNA's creation - and the man who made it a household name in America.

Accessory box

The four feet at the bottom of the accessory box match four divets on the machine base

Bobbin holder

Found only on v3 machines, this steel bobbin holder fits in the rim of the accessory box


This perforated bobbin makes the amount of bobbin thread easy to see

Gear reducer

The gear reducer fits onto the motor - in low gear, the machine runs slower and with more torque

Darning plate & foot

The darning plate fits over the feed dogs, while the sprung darning foot hops in time with the needle bar

Oil cans

Marked huile/oil (green) and pétrole/kerosene (red) - very rare to find both

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    With a little attention, Elna will serve and delight for a lifetime! Browse the gallery of resources, including videos and manuals, and make it easy to keep Elna sewing!


    Most Elna problems are due to user error and are minor enough to be fixed at your local sewing & vacuum shop. I would be happy to consult or provide service for your machine; please inquire for details.


    I will buy your Elna! Amounts offered vary depending on type, condition and accessories included, but I will at least pay the cost of shipping your machine sight unseen! Please inquire for details!


    Elna is easy to find on classified ad and auction websites, or at garage sales or resales stores. Read our buyer's guide.

    I also offer refurbished machines for sale subject to availability! Prices depend on condition and accessories and start at Elna's original 1950 price: $179! Browse the shop for more information!